Shades Available in Perth

Domain Force Shade Sails provides quality service along with quality custom made Shade Sails in Perth WA. This family owned and operated business prides itself with a excellent reputation that continues to service our past and future clients. All our shade sail structures adhere to structural engineering specifications. Our shade sails are a perfect solution that provides you with protection and privacy for the great outdoors.

Our Service

For more than ten years, we’ve designed and manufactured shade sails for local customers. You can count on these polyethylene shades to block up to 99% of URV rays.

We don’t just manufacture these sails; we also install them for both residential and commercial clients. You can add shade sails to your garden, pool area and courtyard. You can also choose sails to shield schools, playgrounds or parking lots.

Do you need to shade a large outdoor space? We can install multiple overlapping sails to protect a wide outdoor area. Galvanised powder-coated posts installed by our qualified tradespeople keep the shades permanently fixed for ideal protection.

Along with their sun-blocking abilities, our shades are also beautifully stylish and will add classy comfort to your home or business. Read below to learn more about the fabric we use.

Not only do we provide shades to protect your from the sun, but we also provide shades to protect you from the elements! Our Water Proof Shade Sails are great for all your outdoor needs. Call today to find out more!

Contact us today by phone or email for a free measure and quote. You can reach us Monday through Saturday from 7:30am to 5:30pm.

Rainbow Shade Z16 – the best protection under the Australian sun

Domain Force Shade Sails uses Rainbow Shade Z16, specifically designed for use in tension structures, shade sails, architectural structures, building awnings, giant umbrellas and more. This material offers the best protection against Australia’s strong sun and offers several other benefits including:

  • High tensile strength
  • High UV-R protection (up to 99%)
  • Lightweight (200 GSM)
  • Proven durability and longevity
  • Quality assured to Australian standard AS 4174-1994
  • Constructed of knitted fabric made from high-density polyethylene
  • Contains anti-fade colour concentrates and UV stabilisers
  • Copy of Lightweight (200 GSM)
  • Unique construction with excellent fabric cover
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Z16 Colours for Life

With a choice of 22 designer colours to choose from, you’ll be sure to find something to complement your home or business, our colours include:


UVR 94.4%
Shade 91.5%

Desert Sand

UVR 97%
Shade 89%


UVR 97%
Shade 93%


UVR 96%
Shade 96%


UVR 99%
Shade 97%

Navy Blue

UVR 93%
Shade 93%

Laguna Blue

UVR 93%
Shade 89%

Royal Blue

UVR 95%
Shade 88%


UVR 92%
Shade 84%


UVR 98%
Shade 91%


UVR 95.1%
Shade 89.4%

Ice White

UVR 78%
Shade 64%


UVR 98%
Shade 91%


UVR 95%
Shade 94%


UVR 94%
Shade 91%

Rust Gold

UVR 88%
Shade 87%


UVR 87%
Shade 84%

Sunset Red

UVR 93%
Shade 77%

Atomic Orange

UVR 92.7%
Shade 82.5%

Zesty Lime

UVR 91.7%
Shade 83.7%

Electric Purple

UVR 90.5%
Shade 82.8%

Sunflower Yellow

UVR 81%
Shade 72%